Huggies Products Reviews by Mom & Dad

All parents want what's best for their little ones. See why parents like you think Huggies® Diapers work the best for their babies.

Lampin Huggies yang saya gunakan sangat selesa, lebih cepat menyerap kelembapan dan menjadikan kulit saya lembut. Pilih dan Rasailah “Lebih Keselesaan” degan lampin Huggies. Selembut kulit saya. Yeahh!

–User Narirah11

Thank you Huggies, since the first day I was born, I had a close relationship with you. Thank you for your protection, and keep me away from unnecessary ham. Your soft and comfortable, let me play with fin and sleep at ease every night. Thank you Huggies, I love you.

–User Shermaineyap

I wear the same diapers from yesterday 10pm till 9am today, I still feel very comfortable and dry. I hate wet wet and smelly. I won’t feels that when I wear Huggies, that’s why I love Huggies.

–User elainechonglm

I am so happy that these diapers exist, my baby couldn't be more comfortable, she is always smiling and sleeps well through the night and her diaper is never soaking :-) I am so glad that they have all sizes because I will keep using these only!

juanita88 Nov 25, 2014

Thank you for making the best diapers around! :) huggies is my absolute favorite brand for my two little ladies. No leaks & zero rashes! :) we♡ huggies!

Jennifer Sonnenberg Oct 15, 2014

Source: Testimonials provided by the Woop team. Huggies Malaysia ran a campaign in collaboration with Woop in 2017