3 tummy time workouts your baby will love

Entertaining exercises to help your baby build core strength and balance

Placing your baby on their tummy will help them build strength in the head, neck, shoulder and back muscles. Your baby needs these muscles to roll over, sit up, crawl and explore the world, so it’s important to make tummy time a part of your baby’s routine.

1. Cute Crunches

Place your baby on their back and sit facing them, close to their feet. Encourage your baby to grasp hold of a rod, ruler, or wooden spoon handle. Fold your own hands over your baby’s and gently pull on the rod to lift them up slightly. Repeat up to 4 times only.

Remember: Let your baby set the pace. Never use all of your own strength to lift them up.

2. Triumphant Tripods

Prop your baby up into a seated position. Separate their legs slightly and place their hands on the floor between them. Allow them to hold the position, even for just a few seconds, without your help. This is a great way to help your baby develop balance.

3. Terrific Tummy Time

Lay your baby on their tummy. Place toys or brightly-coloured scarves in front of them, slightly out of reach. As your baby balances on their tummy, trying to reach for the object, they will be strengthening their neck and back.

Move the object within their reach every now and then so they’ll continue playing. Try placing the objects a little to the right or left too.


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