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Pregnancy Diet | Huggies Malaysia

Pregnancy Meal Plan

Pregnant women need to eat healthy foods most of the time and still enjoy the occasional treat. Pregnancy is not a time for deprivation

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Pregnancy Diet

Even if you’ve never given much thought to your diet before, becoming pregnant is likely to bring about some changes. Essentially, whatever you eat and drink will

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Foods to Avoid When Pregnant

During pregnancy there are various reasons to be extra careful about what you eat – it is important to know which foods are safe to eat and which you need to avoid.

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Pregnancy 26/06/2020

26 Weeks Pregnant – What To Expect?

Although you may have more blood than ever now, you might still suffer from iron deficiency. Find out how to manage your pregnancy at this stage.

Pregnancy 22/06/2020

Hospital Bag Checklist

A hospital bag is a bag of essentials that you take with you to the hospital when you go into labour and it’s time to deliver your baby.

Newborn 01/07/2020

Baby skincare

There’s nothing you like more than cuddling your baby’s super soft skin.