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  • 29WeeksPregnantWhatToExpectjpg

    From water to iron supplements, our article has all you need to know about your body and your baby this week.

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  • 30WeeksPregnantWhatToExpectjpg

    How do you deal with varicose veins and frequent urination? Get tips for your health and comfort in this pregnancy stage.

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  • 31WeeksPregnantWhatToExpectjpg

    Want to know what your baby looks like? This week’s a great time to! Here’s what else you can expect this week.

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  • 32WeeksPregnantWhatToExpectjpg

    Thinking of registering for a childbirth class? Here are some ways to prepare yourself for the coming weeks.

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  • 33WeeksPregnantWhatToExpectjpg

    From their weight to their lungs, your baby is nearly ready for their big day! Our article has everything you need to know for this week.

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  • 34WeeksPregnantWhatToExpectjpg

    From being able to see your baby move through the skin of your belly, to taking a babymoon, there’s a lot happening this week.

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  • 35WeeksPregnantWhatToExpectjpg

    From your breasts to your feet, your whole body might feel uncomfortable but the big day is in sight.

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  • 36WeeksPregnantWhatToExpectjpg

    From what your doctor will be keeping an eye to what you can do to find comfort, find out what’s going on this week in your pregnancy.

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  • 37WeeksPregnantWhatToExpectjpg

    While the final stage of gestation is more beneficial for baby than you, there are still changes and development that you can expect.

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  • 38WeeksPregnantWhatToExpectjpg

    As the week progresses, you might find it harder and harder to feel comfortable. Our article is full of tips to help you this week.

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  • 39WeeksPregnantWhatToExpectjpg

    From waxing to heading to the pool, we have what you need to know for this coming week.

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  • 40WeeksPregnantWhatToExpectjpg

    From Braxton Hicks contractions to overstretched pelvic muscles, here’s what to expect this week.

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3rd Trimester

29 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

At 29 weeks, baby is starting to feel a bit crowded, and thanks to surging energy levels, is pretty active. By now, you’re probably getting a preview of baby’s personality by feeling him or her move. By those playful kicks and jabs, you...

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30 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

When someone tells you you’re glowing, believe them. You are! At 30 weeks, baby’s position is still head up. Your 30-week fetus is floating comfortably in about 1½ pints of amniotic fluid. It may seem cramped in there, but he...

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31 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

Can you believe all five of the baby’s senses are fully developed at 31 weeks? He is also getting smarter, while you may find yourself to be so forgetful! Your baby is around 46cms this week, only 7cms less than the average length of a baby...

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32 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

Ready or not?! At 32 weeks, while your baby’s birth may still seem far into the future, you and your baby are gearing up for the trip down the birth canal! Baby’s getting ready for her descent – likely in the head-down position,...

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33 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

You've almost made it! Just a few more weeks and you will be rocking your little one to sleep. When you can… just sit, breathe and relax. If your baby were born now, it is likely to need some support to help it breathe, but perhaps...

More information on 33 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

34 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

Sshhhh… watch what you say mommy! Your inquisitive little one can hear everything you say by now. In fact, she may be enjoying the lullaby’s you may hum to yourself, so go ahead and sing to her, don’t worry about being off-key!...

More information on 34 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

35 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

The neurons and early connections in your baby’s brain are developing even more so that at birth, they will be perfectly wired to receive stimulation. Most babies lose weight in the first week or so after birth, because of using more energy. By...

More information on 35 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

36 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

Meconium is the sticky, black tarry substance which will form his first bowel motion. Some babies will pass meconium while they are still in the uterus and this can be a sign that they are distressed. If this happens, the amniotic fluid...

More information on 36 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

37 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

Hey! Mom to be, you are getting so close to the day when you will be finally holding your baby in your arms. You’ve got just three weeks now and you can hear the clock clicking to the final countdown. That is because your baby’s organs...

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38 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

The big event could happen any day now. Your baby is probably sitting pretty low in your pelvis, bumping into all kinds of nerves down there. So, while you are dealing with this new discomfort, watch out for sign of labour. There simply isn't enough...

More information on 38 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

39 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

If your baby was to be born now, his lungs would be mature enough to support him without any medical intervention. In terms of maturity and development, he has done all it needs in making the change to surviving independently. Your baby’s brain...

More information on 39 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

40 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?

Although you're feeling as if you've had enough, chances are your baby isn't perturbed. However, his is very cramped inside your uterus and will soon have to be evicted, no matter how cosy it is. Your doctor will ask you about the baby's movements,...

More information on 40 Week Pregnant - What To Expect?


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