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8 Baby Albums That Are Music to Everyone's Ears


Best baby music albums for your baby brain development and bring enjoyment to both you and your baby

Pretty much every parent has crooned a lullaby or has an album or song that works wonders for soothing their crying baby. Besides the obvious benefit of helping to calm your baby, music can help you bond with your baby and help their development. But repeated renditions of ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ will make anyone, well, wince. So here are 8 of our favourite baby music albums that won’t drive you crazy when you hear it for the hundredth time.

1. You Are My Little Bird by Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell’s warm, gentle voice on this simply presented selection of 17 short, soft and sweet songs makes for an intimate and beautiful recording. The collection features traditional folk tunes, original songs and even a Velvet Underground cover.

2. It’s A Big World by Renee & Jeremy

This album may not be a sing-along classic but will quickly become a key part of your baby’s bedtime ritual. Soft and gentle, Renee & Jeremy’s quiet harmonies over an acoustic guitar will lull your baby to sleep every time. The unexpectedly complex melodies and sophisticated lyrics ensure that mum and dad won’t mind repeated listenings.

3.Mind Of My Own by Frances England

Frances England’s upbeat tunes about bugs, bicycles and balloons are charming indie-pop songs that just happen to be for children. Playful without being childish, these songs don’t have repetitive verses or excessive instrumentation. They capture the wonder of childhood with a refreshing honesty.

4. Family Dance by Dan Zanes and Friends

Former rocker Dan Zanes combines conventional children’s songs with unexpected musical or lyrical arrangements, like an acoustic reggae mix of ‘Hokey Pokey’, for an album with an infectious groove and sense of humour. This is one of those albums that will entertain little ones and keep them interested as they grow.

5. Catch The Moon by Lisa Loeb & Elizabeth Mitchell

A lovely collection of originals, covers and traditional folk songs from various cultures with fresh and interesting arrangements, this one will be a favourite in your house for years to come. The soothing guitar and pure vocals make this album great for sing-alongs on road trips.

6. The Muppet Show: Music, Mayhem, and More

The Muppets have been entertaining both parents and children since 1976. This album brings together 27 of the best songs from the show, including Kermit’s classic ‘Bein’ Green’, ‘Rainbow Connection’ and ‘Movin’ Right Along’.

7. The Bottle Let Me Down: Songs For Bumpy Wagon Rides

This swinging compilation features a slew of alt-country stars, such as Robbie Fulks, Alejandro Escovedo, Kelly Hogan and Split-Lip Rayfield, on an intriguing mix of old sandbox favourites, countrified classics and rootsy, kid-appropriate originals. The upbeat numbers will have little ones clapping and moving and older kids have lots to sing and laugh along to. There are even a few slower numbers that will do well on any bedtime playlist.

8. No! by They Might Be Giants

The first They Might Be Giants album for kids features songs that wouldn’t be out of place on the rest of their quirky, playful albums. The sometimes absurd lyrics, clever production touches and musical allusions hidden throughout the 17 short, tightly executed songs make for an album that will keep the whole family happy.

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