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Is Your Baby Ready For Solid Food?


As a parent, happiness can come from simple things like seeing your baby smile, knowing they’ve finished every single drop of milk in the bottle, and of course, the moment they’re ready for solid food. Babies don’t beat around the bush, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to tell when they’re ready for solids. More often than not, they’ll happily give you clear signs! But of course, there are specific cues to look out for as well:

Keeping their head straight

Your baby will be able to keep their head in a steady, upright position.

No more extrusion reflex

They will stop using their tongue to push the food out, and they can keep the solid food in the mouth and swallow.

Chewing properly

Baby’s mouth and tongue develop in sync with their digestive system. As they learn to chew and swallow properly, you may notice less drooling.

Gaining weight

Your baby is most likely ready for solids when they’ve doubled their birth weight.

Growing appetite

Even with eight to ten feedings of milk a day, your baby is constantly hungry.

Curiosity about adult’s food

Each time you’re eating, you’ll notice your baby eyeing your food and watching you like a hawk.

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