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Baby skincare

There’s nothing you like more than cuddling your baby’s super soft skin.

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Breastfeeding offers a long list of benefits, which is why experts all agree it is the best choice for babies.

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Confinement Period The Asian Way | Huggies Malaysia


A new mother’s confinement period includes traditional postnatal practices that are designed to help her recover from pregnancy, labor and birth.

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Diapering tips

It’s funny how many parents start to obsess over everything their babies do, right down to what’s in their diaper.

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Newborn Baby Checklist | Huggies Malaysia

newborn- things to know

Mummies to-be, are you hearing not-so-great stories about breaking rest and a million diaper changes? It really isn’t that bad – if you are well prepared!.

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After Birth Postnatal Care | Huggies Malaysia

Post pregnancy care

Looking after yourself is just as important as looking after your new baby.

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Every sleep deprived parent’s holy grail is getting their baby to sleep through the night.

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The concept of immunising children was implemented to reduce the spread of disease. Since its implementation, it has been proven to be successful with several diseases.

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Newborn 22/06/2020

Scoop on Newborn Poop

It’s funny how many parents start to obsess over everything their babies do, right down to what’s in their diaper. To be fair though, your baby’s poop can tell you a lot about their health, so it is useful to pay more attention to those dirty diapers.

Newborn 22/06/2020

How to Burp Your Baby Comfortably

As your baby hungrily gulps down breast milk or formula, they’re also swallowing a lot of air. Since your newborn spends most of their time lying down, that air sits in their oesophagus and results in a gassy, cranky baby and spit up.

Pregnancy 22/06/2020

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms

One of the first questions a newly pregnant mother often asks is “Am I having twins?” Until it is confirmed that only one embryo is present, there is always the potential for this to be true.