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What to Expect During Labour

You probably can’t wait for your baby to come out and greet the world, but it’s natural to feel some nervousness about how difficult and painful childbirth may be. You might have spent the past few months reading all you can about the procedures of childbirth, but even the thickest, most comprehensive medical book won’t be able to answer the question that burns brightest in many mothers’ minds;

“What does going through labour feel like?”

You won’t know what you’re in for until you’re actually experiencing it, but just so you know you’re not alone, we’re sharing with you the experiences from mothers who have been through labour.

Some mothers say the pain was not that bad:

  • The pain was frustrating but nothing I can’t bear

  • It wasn’t very painful. My contractions felt like muscle spasms

  • I did a lot of training and prep work during pregnancy, so it was close to painless

While some felt like they were being run over by a train:

  • Each contraction felt like I was getting punched in the stomach

  • It was so painful I thought I was being run over by a train

  • It was like menstrual cramps, but 10 times more painful

Surprisingly, you don’t only feel pain in the abdomen area:

  • It felt like a really, really bad backache

  • There was so much pressure on the rectum, it felt like a giant poop coming out!

  • Although I had no pain in the stomach, my butt and hips felt like it was being stabbed

While the experience of childbirth is different for every mother, there’s one thing mothers can all agree on; no matter how much pain you experience, it disappears the moment you have your baby in your arms.



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